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I feel as though I grew up with Miley. I’ve been a fan since Hannah Montana first aired back when I was a freshman in high school. I enjoyed Miley’s character and and as she grew, so did I. Once she began releasing her own music I truly began to like her even more. Why? Because she wrote most of it and it spoke to me. If you personally don’t like it then cool, but I do. I remember a lot of my friends saying, “I like Hannah Montana better” and I would look at them like an idiot because Hannah was a character Miley played. Breakout had a lot of songs that I could relate to. It had some fun, deep songs on it and it gave me an insight to Miley’s world. Although a bit awkward, I loved her performance in The Last Song. Nicolas Sparks, if you didn’t already know, wrote it for her. In a time of my life when things were a bit rough her Can’t Be Tamed album ruled my sad, pathetic world. Her ballads spoke to me and her upbeat songs helped me forget. So in result I love Miley Cyrus because her music has always been there for me and I enjoy the awkward, not perfect human being that she is. She’s made mistakes, but keep in mind she didn’t sign up to be a role model. Like any other human being she has learned from them, but in result gets criticized because she is in the spotlight. People most times choose to hate her because they’re jealous. In my opinion she’s gorgeous & I would love to be her best friend. I love what she stands for. She’s an artist at heart and I can’t wait to see where life takes her.


I love their daughter + father relationship!

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the hair..


the hair..

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